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The Alabama Mountain Lakes Tourist Association would like for you to join us in this innovative program as an official Second Helping Program Partner. The purpose of the program and the partner guidelines are simple, honest, and straightforward.

The Purpose: 

To assist the hospitality and tourism industry of North Alabama fill the ongoing need for motivated workers, especially within the accommodations and services segments of our industry, by letting addiction-recovering residents of the area know your door is open to discuss employment opportunities.

Provide an open-door policy for at-risk residents by letting them know there is no need to feel hesitant about their situation. Partners are aware of their efforts to overcome a challenging time in their life, and we are willing to extend a second helping.

The Guidelines:

Be willing to post job openings, at your discretion, on the Second Helping web site

Agree to allow your business/organization’s name and logo to be used in information packages by the Second Helping program and in media promotions.

That’s it.

The tourism and hospitality industry is a growing field in need of dependable workers. The opioid-addiction crisis is of growing concern across our region and nation. We believe this program will show Alabama that the hospitality and tourism industry truly cares for our communities, and we are willing to lead the way in being part of the solution.

Do Recovering Addicts Make GOOD EMPLOYEES?

Why would a company consider hiring someone in recovery? Research suggests that people in addiction recovery are often:

  • Highly motivated to work because employment grants the opportunity to get their lives back.
  • Loyal and committed to the employer willing to give them a chance and help them achieve financial, social, and personal stability. Those who have completed a treatment program also have learned the importance of self-care, which often translates into increased productivity and focus at work.
  • Less likely to take sick days.


Kala Thomas Butts | Owner, Cleveland Diner

Managing the risk

Although risks must be considered in hiring a recovering addict, in many cases, they also can be managed by:
Requiring new hires to have a certain amount of time in recovery
Adopting policies that encourage early intervention by outlining ways for employees to get help for drug use or other personal problems
Offering employee assistance programs and/or a listing of resources available in the community
Putting return-to-work and/or contingency agreements in place that lay out job performance expectations and consequences for unsatisfactory performance and/or relapse
Conducting long-term monitoring, including regular performance reviews and/or random drug testing, when appropriate
Educating employees about drug and alcohol problems and how to support coworkers in recovery
Hiring people in recovery can be a win-win for employers. They can help someone get their life back, and in the process, gain a devoted employee. As long as there are recovering addicts in need of advocacy and support and employers in need of loyal, hard-working employees, people in recovery may be an ideal match for that next job opening.